KenCraigSq FullYep, that’s me. Ken Craig. I’m currently the Principal Architect for TrustedCare, Inc., designing their medical data information system and client applications. Previously, I spent 19 years developing large scale analytics software and applications for Turner Broadcasting’s many web properties and managing the Infrastructure and Operations team.

Beyond work, I spend seemingly every remaining waking hour volunteering as a coach, mentor, judge, inspector, FTA and other roles for FIRST Robotics programs. I coach FRC Team 4026 (Global Dynamics) and mentor FTC teams 5177, 6173, and 4232. Why do I do all this? Because they’re great programs and emphasize ideals that I believe in regarding Gracious Professionalism, engineering principals, teamwork, and cooperative competition.

Why such a sparse site? Simple, I’m not much of a writer and have a tendency to jump around to a lot of different things. Since I don’t mentally stop to write out my thoughts completely, and I don’t like the results when I just slap down an off-the cuff thought, I tend to have a backlog of unfinished posts. A big collection of poorly communicated ideas isn’t my goal, but I’m trying to retrain myself to publish more.

Credit for the background smoke image to cf33092 at DeviantArt. What’s it got to do with me, or my site, or anything? Absolutely nothing, I just like it.